New Web Site

For a number of years we have used the generous free service of British Telecom Web Kit (BTCK) who offered free of charge many community websites.

We have now moved the website to a more flexible facility owned by our webmaster, John Bidwell. It will still be free for the church and any costs incurred will be met by John and Maureen who worship at this church.

We wanted to change the emphasis of the web site to be more evangelical, by showing what we are about. We also wanted to continue the serving St George's function of the web site.

The new site has been launched on 14th August 2020. It is not yet complete but nearly so. It needs a few tweeks

The site can be accessed at

You can still access the BT site for a few weeks but you need to add the new name into your favourites.

We are also trialling a new facility, namely a news letter/ updates via an email that will look like it is from a web site, like when you subscribe to receive emails from various commercial companies. Be reasured that your email will never be disclosed anywhere, it will be safe.

Any suggestions for improvements and alterations are most welcome.