Church Notices

Sunday Service: In Church Sunday 6th December at 10:30 am.

Who Are We?

We are a Christian Church, Anglican in style but not the established Church of England. We are a member of the Free Church of England. There are just 20 Free Church of England Churches in the UK. Our Church is in Mill Hill, Blackburn, Lancashire. Our congregation draws from Blackburn, Rishton and Darwen so far.

What is the Free Church of England?

Historically, the Free Church of England broke away from the established Church of England in the late 1800's in response to perceived attemps to re-introduce Roman Catholic dogma into the established church, an attempt inspired by the so called "Oxford Movement". 

As a denomination this influences our resistance to introductions of unbiblical teaching and practices today, helped by our small size, and an acute awareness of our history.

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Our Beliefs

We are Bible believing, trinitarian, Gospel centred and Jesus loving people. Our distictive position is conservative evangelical.

Our music is largely non-exuberant usually with piano accompliment. Not that we are against drums and guitars, it is just that there is no one gifted in that direction in our midst.

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A warm welcome awaits anyone who cares to join us. Why not give us a try?

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