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St George's Church

Our church has a long history opening on 27th April 1907 as a Free Church of England.

Much of the old history we will fill in later

In recent years the church did not have a minister for about 4 years and managed to conduct services with volunteers. A minister was brought in to conduct communion services as and when

Our Present Vicar

Two years ago a retired minister, Reverend Kenneth Howles was asked to become the minister which he accepted. He is not paid, and in fact none of our staff take a stipend.

Ken was inaugurated on 27th April 2018

We are a small church getting about 20 or 30 people on an average Sunday.

Our Theology

The Theological direction is conservative evangelical, Bible believing and practicing.

We believe in salvation by faith alone according to scripture on the merits of Jesus's crucifixion, and the indweling and on going work of the Holy Spirit to set the believer on the road to sancification which does not reach its fulfilment in this life, but nevertheless Christian is safely in the hands of our Lord to present us Holy before Our Father and so securing our eternal life with Him.